The Right Spot

Location, Location, Location. No one loves the sight of a tree stand sunrise more than I do, but a great view doesn’t help you bag bucks! Sometimes it is all about location. Make sure you are perfectly positioned to make the most impact.”

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20

In the off season, many deer hunters spend hours in the woods scouting for deer sign so they can position themselves well for the next hunting season. They begin looking for the right hunting spots and the right areas to hang their tree stand so they will be in the best location for crossing paths with a target buck.

When fall rolls around and you go out to your stand or blind, you might think you are in the right spot. It was a short walk from the truck, you are comfortable, well hidden, you have a nice view. Everything is perfect… except there are no deer! If no deer come by your “good spot”, then it is not a good spot.

None of those factors that I mentioned really make for an ideal location for pursuing deer. The places that hunters like to be, are not necessarily the same places that deer like to be. We need to be focusing our attention on the needs and habits of the animal and what characteristics make up a “good spot” for them. What are their needs? We must consider their patterns, their food sources, and the social structures of the herd. How much cover is provided to make them feel safe and comfortable? How are they using the area? Are they living and bedding in this area, or just passing through on their way to a food source? Are they crossing this property in the morning, in the evening, or both? There are so many things to consider when choosing your hunting spot, and they are always determined by the one you are pursuing, not by your personal preferences.

Look, no one loves the sight of a tree stand sunrise more than I do, but a great view doesn’t help you bag bucks!

I wonder if we approach evangelism the same way. We know Jesus commands us to tell others the Good News in “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28:16-20), so we come to the conclusion that we need to leave the country, cross the ocean, or take a plane to go reach the lost.

Certainly there are nations, tribes, and islands who need to know the truth about God’s love. But friend, there are lost people living next door. There are lost people in your workplace. Please don’t give into the temptation to care less about your next door neighbor than you do about your global neighbor simply because your overseas trip will impress more people.

I sometimes wonder if we are treating foreign missions as a “Christian vacation” of sorts, choosing the place with the best mountain views for our early morning hikes so Instagram can see the sunrise from the top. I worry that we may choose places that make us sound like a hero for making the trip and helping out.

A great view of nature isn’t always the place to find lost people in need of Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I love exotic places and great views! But let’s not forget that there are lost people in dark, hidden, desolate places too. Places where it is not trendy to be seen. Let’s go where the people are. Are they in Haiti? Maybe. But they may also be at Aldi. Are there lost souls in Guatemala? Absolutely! And there are also lost souls in the corner diner. 

So, am I saying foreign missions are less important, unnecessary, or just for show? By no means! After all, the scripture does say “go and make disciples of all nations“. Reaching other nations and people groups is crucial to reaching a lost world for Christ, and some Christians are specially equipped and called by God to do so. But we should also view missions as a local need as well. Do not get stuck standing still because you think you can only do mission work far away and with a big budget. Your inability to travel to India should not stop you from ministering in Indiana. Some people stay stationary because they think they have to do everything in order to do anything. We need to position ourselves so that we are reaching those around us with the Gospel, even when we are only driving distance from home.

You do not always have to drill a well, providing fresh water for thousands, in a far off village to make a difference. You can make an impact for the Kingdom of God with a single cup of hot coffee shared with a stranger you met on a cold downtown sidewalk. Talking to our neighbors about Jesus at the coffee shop or the city park may not always be glamorous, or publicly praised throughout the world, but it will make a world of difference to the lost person you are reaching.

The “right spot” for impacting people for Christ may be in your living room, at the mall, the bait & tackle shop, the boat launch, or anywhere else you see a need in your community. Sometimes, it is all about location, and you may be perfectly positioned to be there for someone in their time of need by simply being present and available.

Who is going to tell your group of friends about Jesus if it isn’t you?


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